Help for JAPAN!
On March 11th, 2011 of the largest earthquakes in the history of Japan hit this country. Even though this catastrophe already had happened a couple of months ago, the pictures of the devastation are still present in our minds and the victims who suffer still need help.
Shortly after the earthquake, the idea came up to record a charity single, a cover version of the Beatles’ classic ‘Help’. Initiated by singer Tommy Heart (Soul Doctor, Fair Warning) friends and follow musicians started to join the project soon after the idea came up. Leo Leoni (guit., Gotthard), Neil Murray (bass, ex Whitesnake), Hena Habegger (dr., Gotthard) and Don Airey (keys, Deep Purple) were amongst the first and build the backing band for this recording.
On the coming single for “Help”, various singers will share the vocal lines. Next to the ‘singers version’ there also will be a ‘guitar version’ available which will feature some of Hard Rock’s leading guitarists with solo spots.
The single will be released later during the year. All incomes will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross in order to help the victims of the Japanese earthquake.
This facebook site is here to keep you informed about coming news about the “Help For JAPAN” project, to reveal the singers and guitars being involved one after another and to keep the conversation about this tragedy alive.

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